Episode 226 - Rush To Cancun

February 19, 2021 @ 10:37 am

This episode I talk about watching the Mars rover landing, Ted Cruz skipping down to Cancun, and my thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

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Episode 225 - Black Opt Out

February 10, 2021 @ 8:38 am

This episode I talk about introducing Myles to Tolkein, the awesome ridiculousness of 90s action/cop movies and opting out of Black History Month. 

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Episode 224 - Melatonin Malcolm X

January 29, 2021 @ 1:52 pm

This week I talk about my parenting differences, white dudes quoting Malcolm X, and catering to others feelings. 

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Episode 223 - A New Day

January 22, 2021 @ 10:07 am

This week I talk about Myles getting back into languages, the election, and how to deal with bitter Trump supporters. 

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Episode 222 - Here We Are

January 15, 2021 @ 12:14 pm

This episode I talk about Myles wanting to learn Japanese,  the Capitol storming and what needs to happen to move forward. 

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Episode 221- White Domestic Terrorism

January 8, 2021 @ 12:51 pm

This episode I talk about the domestic terrorist attack that happen on Jan 6, 2021 in our nations capitol fueled by our President Donald J. Trump. I also talk about the hypocrisy and double standard Trump Loyalists live by. 

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Episode 220 - Sex, Lies & Trees

December 11, 2020 @ 10:24 am

This episode I talk about building trust with Myles, too many Christmas trees, celebs paying for sex, and rude advice. 

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Episode 219 - Fear, Movies & Money

December 4, 2020 @ 1:19 pm

This week I talk about the challenges of raising a child while pushing down your own fears, my re-watch of Pulp fiction, and NBA contract haters. 

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Episode 218 - Trap House Hotel

November 24, 2020 @ 10:20 am

This ep I talk about Myles becoming more independent, my weekend at the Comedy Zone in Greenville, SC w/ Normand, a bad hotel and blaming governors. 

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Episode 217 - Not Over Yet

November 13, 2020 @ 12:00 am

This episode I talk about Myles getting testing done, my weekend with Normand at Hilarities in Cleveland and my thoughts on the election.

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